Important Facts You Should Know

You do not need to take your new car back to the Dealership for servicing. They do not have a monopoly on new car “Log Book” Servicing.

It is illegal for them to suggest that your rights to a warranty are void, simply because the vehicle is serviced by another qualified mechanic.

This comes up at our business regularly and no doubt you have seen these stories in the news, but that doesn’t stop the dealership from using dubious tactics to scare you into bringing you car back to them. You can find all the information at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

If you’re concerned about preserving your new car’s statutory warranty but also want your car serviced by a qualified technician, at very competitive rates, Angus Car Service is here to help you, our team are highly trained and fully versed in new car warranty

Our qualified mechanics fit only the best quality spare parts that are covered by Australia wide warranties.

Your safety and peace of mind are very important to us here at Angus Car Service.