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The development of modern diesel engines provides motorists an engine that is more comparable to petrol engines with extended service life, lower emissions and greater on-demand performance. It isn’t surprising that we are seeing more diesel cars in Aussie workshops. Consequentially we are now seeing new performance issues, notably contamination of the air intake system. The common symptoms include loss of power, running rough, bad fuel economy and smoking exhausts. These issues can be resolved by performing a diesel induction service.

So where does the contamination come from? A couple of common causes are the EGR valve and crank ventilation system. The EGR valve recycles hot exhaust gas into the intake manifold, where it mixes with the engine crankcase vapours and hot intake air. This starts the carbon build up cycle.

When you add to this the less than ideal operating conditions, such as frequent short start – stop driving conditions, the contamination process is accelerated. By the time the driver has noticed the symptoms, the intake manifold has already become restricted, the butterfly’s are usually starting to stick and the EGR coolers are starting to block up.

There are a variety of chemical products designed to rectify these problems, but most are unsuccessful at making a significant impact. We have been waiting and have finally found the ideal solution. BG Products from the USA have developed an intake cleaning system specifically for diesel engines which can be carried out with routine maintenance. Through regular maintenance the carbon doesn’t have a chance to restrict the intake and cause the previously mentioned problems.

The BG diesel induction system cleaner will liquefy & remove the most stubborn oil deposits & unburned fuel contaminants formed by the EGR & PCV gasses as they pass through the air intake and intake valves. This contamination is simply burnt off during the normal combustion process leaving the engine functioning as it was meant to, at its peak efficiency.

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Diesel Induction Service EGR valve before & after

Diesel Induction Service EGR valve before & after