Let’s face it. Taking your car in for a service can be intimidating at the best of times.

Unless you’ve got a regular mechanic you can trust, you never know what to expect or how the visit is going to affect your hip pocket. We all know the scenario where a trip to the mechanic for a simple service or repair has turned into a series of problems, not to mention a financial nightmare.

To save money, people are increasingly turning to discount offers for car service and auto repairs, particularly through online or newspaper coupons. These coupons typically offer buyers massive savings and can be used for anything from brake repairs and oil changes to car washes.

However, it’s worth carefully reading the fine print before leaping into anything, especially as they’re usually released by auto repair businesses to recruit new customers.

It’s tough to know exactly how scrupulous any particular operator will be or the quality of the parts and oils that will be used. So before deciding to use a coupon, ask to see all the conditions, benefits or services in writing. This way, you can avoid hidden traps or additional expenses for any ‘extra’ services you might have unwittingly asked for, that may come at inflated prices.

Which bring us back to the importance of finding a reliable mechanic you can trust.

At Angus Car Service, we have long-term loyal clients who have been with us from way back. That’s because we treat our customers well and provide a quality service at affordable prices. It’s a win-win situation and everyone’s happy!