Regular servicing prolongs the life of mechanical components, helps to maintain roadworthiness and contributes to greater reliability, economy and resale value. Without regular servicing you increase the potential of breakdowns and expensive repairs. Refer to your owner’s manual for maintenance information specific to your car. You should service your new car as often as is outlined in your owner’s manual.

For older cars, you need to have at least an oil and filter change every six months or 10,000km, whichever comes first. All cars have different service requirements but a service should at least contain: an engine oil change, an engine oil filter replacement, and a safety check.

A safety check would include operation of lights, condition of tyres, exhaust and operation of brakes and steering. It’s a good idea to wash your car often, polish it at least twice a year and vacuum it as required.

Regular servicing will  extend the life of your engine, save you money in the long run and most importantly makes sure your car is safe.

Women Friendly Service


Why Choose us?

Servicing your car can be a minefield! How do I get my car to the mechanics, how do I know I can trust them, will they do a good job, will they use quality parts, will I void my warranty?

At Angus Car Service we make having your car serviced pain free, by offering a free pickup and delivery service. Our technicians have a wealth of experience and we are an award winning family business. We treat all clients fairly, equally and with respect. We are female friendly and provide family friendly waiting rooms and restroom facilities.

We can service your car without voiding your warranty The ACCC says “your preferred mechanic can service your new car without voiding your warranty as long as the vehicle is taken back to the dealer for repair of any warranty items and the service is performed by qualified staff and is done using genuine or appropriate quality parts”

At Angus Car Service we only use quality parts such as Castrol Oil, Ryco Filters and Bendix brake pads

Our family’s commitment to your family:

We look after your vehicle as if it is our own

We listen to what you need

We report on what we see

We only do work that you approve

We explain what needs to be done and why

We can show you the completed work and old replaced parts

If you would like a quote or more information don’t hesitate to give us a call on 47323 676